Freshmen do not fear, advice is here

By Dasia Brown


As the school year begins so many students are embarking on a whole new journey of life. From the freshman who has no idea how to wrap their head around this thing called college, to the senior who’s trying to figure out the world after graduation.

At some point in time we all need a little guidance. Freshmen life can be the deal breaker for some individuals. This is the time when students get to figure out if college is where they really want to be finding themselves in a mist of temptations, and for many trying to figure out their place in this world.

College is also a chance to make friends for life, join clubs and explore the world. This guide is simply designed to help make that freshmen journey a little easier as far as the social life is concerned.

Being at some point in time the upper-classmen here were also freshmen embarking on that same journey, it’s only right that the knowledge learned is trickled down.

First thing to always remember is to know your limits. For many freshmen, this is the first time away from home and parents. Don’t go buck wild.

If you’re under age and drinking, that’s illegal and can get you in trouble here at school because this is a dry campus. Dry campus means that it is against school policy to consume any alcoholic beverages on school premises.

For the freshmen who is of age just know when to put your glass down and keep it down. Getting drunk can cause harm to you and others. If you are going to drink, make sure you are not driving. Always have a designated driver. It’s always good to go out in a group for safety and comfort, but if you leave in a group, try to return home with that same group.

Dasia Brown

For the freshmen who want to join a lot of on-campus activities, know when you’re pushing your limit of school work vs. activities.

Sometimes you might have to only partake in one extracurricular activity instead of two or three. Same goes for if you are deciding to work and take classes. Make sure there is enough time in your schedule to study and do homework.

The second is not to be afraid to say no. Yes we have all been told this since we were young, say no to drugs, but seriously say no. If you don’t want to do something you should never be afraid to say no.

Saying no is not just for drugs, but also to other pressures that may come up such as sex. Don’t let anyone pressure you into having sex with them if that is not what you want to do. Say no to going out on a night in the town when you have classes early in the morning or when you have work to do.

Also remember to know when you’re being played for your meal plan. A lot of upper classmen know that freshmen have the best meal plans. Some people will befriend you so that they can use your buddy pass to eat or your cougar dollars.

So be careful of the hungry ones that can ease their way into being your friend to a meal. It happens more than you might think.

The last two important things to remember are to have an open mind and to have balance.

Having an open mind in college is the best way for meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds and places. It can open oneself up to a whole new mind. Don’t stay within your set group of friends.

Sometimes the people that you think you might not have stuff in common with are the ones that turn out to be your best friends.

Having an open mind also involves going to new places and trying new things. The first step to being a well-rounded individual is to have an open mind.

College is full of fun. Have balance and never forget what you are here for. Education is the most important part of this experience so make sure that whatever you do, whomever you do things with, and whatever you do, never lose sight of the bigger plan.

Stay safe and remember these words of advice. It will come in handy while you’re on this new journey.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything that you would like advice about please send an email to You’ll be advised the best way, which is with truth. Remember that it’s strictly anonymous!

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