Fall prints and knit sweaters favored for fall fashion

By Iman-Jazelle Bond


Listen up, Kean fasionistas and debonaires. Fall is swiftly approaching which means it is time to trade in your tanks and shorts for some new, warm fall digs.

Fashion’s Night Out was the place to explore the upcoming trends and get a head start on your fall favorites. The New York City streets were flooded with fashion junkies of all ages as they met celebrities and shared advice on clothing.

One trend that Janet Riley, a high school junior from Brooklyn is looking forward to this fall is the knit sweatshirts. “They’re so warm and comfortable.” said Riley.

The knit sweaters come in varieties such as cropped, over-sized and even distressed. Seeing that it hasn’t officially turned fall yet and it’s already getting cold, we might actually have an interesting winter this year with more snow, so these sweaters will definitely come in handy.

Prints are the biggest trend of all this fall. Designers such as Herve Leger, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs have all explored the wonders of print.

“I’ve seen a lot of designers use so many different prints and I can’t wait to wear them!” said Jolene Real, senior Special Education and English major at Kean University.

Maison Martin Margiela, creator of MM6, goes beyond the average print of checkered and polka dots by using a form known as storm print. It looks exactly like the makings of a thunderstorm.

“The key to wearing bold prints is confidence.” says blogger Pritha Bhattacharya of Style Mantra. For those, daring enough to wear these bold prints, don’t be afraid to push the limit and add a pop of color or another bold print. If you are still unsure how to wear-and-pair bold prints, designers like Oswald Helgason have done the job for you, by combining print and color on the same article of clothing, similar to an A-line dress.

Most of all, this season’s color is orange. Phillip Lim along with fellow designers Preen and Mara Hoffman have incorporated this vibrant shade into their designs for fall.

Brittany Robinson, a senior Sociology major, admits to not being a fan of orange nor having prior knowledge of such trends, but now looks forward to staying cute and warm all of the time.


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