Out with the old, in with the new

By Daniel Reyes


No it’s not just you. The Tower isn’t the same newspaper it was last semester. Everything needs a little sprucing up from time to time, and I suppose college newspapers are no different.

When I was made Editor-in-Chief this semester, I didn’t want to just hold the lines of college media. I didn’t want to finish my last semester here at Kean and leave behind an “adequate” newspaper. It’s time to rock the boat.

Let’s all be honest here; we don’t have as many readers as we’d like.

“But wait Dan, I read The Tower,” said almost no one ever. I joke around that it’s my goal to see just one student reading it before I graduate, but in order to make that happen things need to change.

While most of you were sipping fruity drinks in some tropical paradise, or fist-pumping your way across Seaside Heights, The Tower was undergoing a pretty heavy facelift.

In addition to the new layout, Keantower.com will be next to change as we switch to a new website layout over the next couple of weeks.

“But why make all the fuss about a newspaper you claim no one reads?” Well, unknown person who’s asking me all the right questions, because I see the potential.

Kean University is at an interesting juncture. We just extended the contract of a man, who last year was being protested by students to step-down from office over reported resume inaccuracies, our sports program was hit with a slew of post-season bans and fines by the NCAA, we’re on probation, our accreditation may be at risk and four years later it still takes me forever to find a damn parking spot.

The Tower has covered all of this and more. We have reporters with interests that fall across the board. From music to fashion, and news to sports, each of our writers is fully invested in bringing you the news on campus.

Kean isn’t just a place you come and go from, whether you like it or not, this is your home and The Tower wants to tell you about it.

Take a look around this paper and read these articles. Yeah we’re student journalists, but we’re damn good ones.

I’m proud of my reporters, my editors and my paper.

This is a new era for The Tower, so hang on and enjoy the ride.

Always sincerely,
Daniel Reyes

Editor-in-Chief of The Tower

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