Kean sophomore turning heads as emcee

By Fatimah Sanford


Sophomore and Trenton emcee Jaryd “Lewie2Stacks” Lewis, has been kicking rhymes and stealing the spotlight since the third grade.

Since the age of eight, Lewie was making songs about money, cars and nice clothes, until his brother, “Roc” sprinkled him with some wise words that gave him just the spark he needed.

“They like you when you rap, but they love you when you’re real.”

Kean sophomore, Lewie2Stacks, performing.

This insightful motto pushed Jaryd to generate a buzz so big that he grabbed the attention of one of Philly’s most well-known hip-hop stations, Hot 107.9, which earned him a grand prize total of $2,000 after stealing the winning vote in a contest called “Beat Sixteen.”

Lewie rocked the vote with a “makeshift” music video remix of “Got Money” by Lil Wayne and T-Pain he edited himself that ultimately bestowed him with an exclusive interview on Hot 107.9.

But, what’s so special about Lewie, you ask? “I got star power and a good personality,” says the sophomore media major. Lewie2Stacksstrives for success using inspiration from his 1 year old son, Travis, who motivates him with the drive not to give up. This influential young father plans to get in contact with notable Philly DJ, Lazy K, in hopes to complete his mixtape.

“I only need one mixtape, and if music doesn’t work out, I already have a spot at Hot 107 waiting for me,” said Jaryd, boasting about his “hook-up.”

With hard work, dedication, and influences swaying from his son, mother and father, his big break is sure to turn heads.

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