New horror films in time for Halloween

By Bryan C. Kuriawa


“Smiley,” planned for release simultaneously at various AMC theaters and on-demand television networks on October 12, is an independently produced feature involving a group of teenagers who come face to face with a nightmarish serial killer named Smiley McGee.

New horror film, “Smiley.”
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While this entry may seem overly familiar, it proves to be a sign of the present era. As Halloween approaches, we as an audience face the onslaught of current horror cinema.

This venture represents one of various horror films to be released this October, yet, for audiences it appears that the horror genre is one of deterioration. One look through the catalog of horror entries, viewers may find themselves in a sea of sequels such as “Paranormal Activity 4” and “Silent Hill: Revelations.”

Yet at the same time, it becomes apparent that along with “Smiley,” “Sinister,” and the kid-friendly, yet macabre “Frankenweenie,” this October will be a dry month for horror.

As a result, what can season viewers or general audiences take in when it comes to horror cinema this fall?

On October 24, Fathom Events in cooperation with TCM will present 1931’s, “Frankenstein” and “Bride of Frankenstein” in select theaters.

For those wanting something early, Magnet Releasing will be presenting the critically praised found footage anthology, “V/H/S” in select theaters and on demand on October 5.

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