The Kean Survival Guide: studying, socializing and parking spaces

By Xirena Wormley


Freshman, transfer students and returning pupils alike arrived on campus Tuesday Sept. 4 for the first day of Kean University’s fall semester. The sidewalks were filled with new faces navigating their way to unfamiliar destinations. Many walked with their course schedule in one hand and a campus map in the other.

The start of a new semester may make many students anxious, scared or confused but learning the ins and outs of Kean’s campus can help alleviate the tension.

Freshman LaSean Hall admitted he felt lost, and slightly nervous, being a new student.

“Honestly, being in a new environment and not knowing anyone or anything was hard,” he said.

To make this school year both successful and enjoyable, Kean upperclassman and faculty offer the “three S’s:” Socializing, Studying and finding a parking space at Kean.

College presents an opportunity to socialize and meet people. According to Diana Calle and Julissa Madrid, recent graduates from Kean and Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority members, the first place that students should go to is the Center for Leadership Services in the University Building.

Calle also noted that getting involved in co-curricular activities is a great way to make new friends and get jobs after graduation.

Students arriving on campus on the first day of the school year.
Photo Credit: Xirena Wormley

“Through community service you meet a lot of friends,” Calle said. “We joined clubs and the people we met invited us to other events, then we joined the sorority.”

Joining a club is not the only source of entertainment on campus. Kean hosts numerous on-campus events for students to enjoy.

Psychology and biology major Nicole Hernandez said that students should check the theaters around campus because there are a lot of interesting shows and concerts. “Kean has a lot of great concerts,” Hernandez said. “Last year Fabolous performed at homecoming.”

She also recalled the John Legend performance last year at Enlow Recital Hall.

Hernandez mentioned that those on campus should also be on the lookout for free items and free activities as well.

“Students need to know that on Wednesdays they usually have activities and hand out freebies outside the University Center,” Hernandez said.

It’s also no secret about the daily struggle for parking at Kean. Knowing when and where to park can mean the difference between being 15 minutes late or 15 minutes early for class.

According to Laura-ann Jones, a political science major, one way to beat the traffic and parking problem is to plan ahead and arrive early to find a space.

Otherwise many people find themselves circling the parking lot waiting for someone to leave. “There are many lots available to park,” Jones said. “You just have to arrange to be there or be late for class.”

In conjunction with student academics, Kean has an abundance of educational tools. According to Janette Gonzalez, a reference librarian at the Nancy Thompson Library, students that use the reference librarian’s expertise and databases do better in their studies. The library supports nearly 145 databases with scholarly articles, e-books and more designed for student research.

“It is imminent to work with a librarian because they are knowledgeable about navigating through the databases to find information pertaining to the student’s subject,” Gonzalez said.

When it’s time to study there are plenty of nooks and spaces that cater to individual study needs. The entire library is a study safe haven for homework, especially the third floor Grand Study room.

A psychology major, Christina Pruden said the ample table room and comfortable chairs make the Hutchinson lounge the ideal place to get some serious work done. “They are kind of a hidden gem,” Pruden said. “Many don’t discover them until second semester when it’s hard to find a place to sit.”

As the first semester of the school year is underway many students will be faced with situations pertaining to the three S’s. Taking this advice from some experienced Kean students can offer some help in surviving as a Kean Cougar.

For additional information about the resources and events on campus students can look on the Kean website. Also go to the information desk in the University Center or the help desk in the Center for Academic Success.

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