Homecoming Fiesta at Kean attracts much attention

By Dominique Vinas


It was like Cinco de Mayo in October this homecoming! The fiesta began on Oct. 5 with the pep rally in Hardwood Arena. The staff of the Student Organization organized the event to show spirit for all of Kean’s sports teams.

“It’s our job to engage the crowd and get them hype and ready to go,” said sophomore and member of Student Org. Shaneka Thompson.

Photo credit: Dominique Vinas

The show started promptly at 6 p.m. with Kean’s cougar mascot leading the students into the arena itself.

Once introduced, the football team joined in song with their coach in preparation for Saturday evening’s game. Kean Dance Team, dressed in vibrant clothing, conducted a subsequent dance which enlisted a high audience approval. Each campus resident hall came out to show their “fiesta” themed posters, all of which showcased student creativity.

“It’s really exciting to see everyone in school spirit,” said sophomore Melissa Thomas. “I’m glad I could contribute to all the fun, it was worth waking up early to set up for the show.”

The crowd was very pleased with the DJ’s selections, as he played various songs to get the crowd rallied up, such as the popular South Korean song “Gangnam Style.”

Then, the crowd proceeded out to the field for a surprise show. Everyone was on the bleachers; it was pitch dark outside when fireworks soared through the sky, all of varying colors for audience enjoyment.

“The experience was so much fun,” said freshman football player, Kalyph Hardy. “I heard everyone saying it was going to be lots of music, dancing and raffles, so I went into it open minded and it was a lot of fun.”

The following day, festivities started as early as 10:30 a.m., with students being given tickets for free food and games after registering. Continuing with the Fiesta/Mexican theme of the previous day, the Inca dancers performed a native Aztec dance, all dressed in costumes with maracas and sombreros.

There was a table set up for Liberty Hall; they had apple picking and free tours going on open to all. There were art galleries in CAS building and the library, Relay for Life sign up and an Alumni tent where they all gathered and mingled. There were booths for every kind of food including, funnel cakes, pizza, smoothies, salsa tasting, Italian sausage, an empanada man truck, and roasted corn. In addition there were varying examples of Spanish cuisine at different booths.

Kean Xpedition had a table with free pens, flash-drives and t-shirts, and students were all encouraged to sign up to win one semester of tuition and fees paid for as the Kean Xpedition grand prize. There were game booths all around, such as krazy kans and the water gun race, with prizes such as stuffed bears and monkeys with Kean t-shirts on them.

One of the main attractions of the tailgate festival was the “Cowboy on Stilts,” standing at 9 feet tall, from Maplewood, NJ. Children stared in amazement as he made his way gracefully around the parking lot.

“I’m having a real good time,” explained Crazy cowboy Kevin. “I love my job. It’s a great feeling knowing I can add to the fun.”

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