Valedictorian’s $25,000 scholarship revoked after contract breach

By Christy Petillo

Robin K. Bagley accepted a full scholarship for the accelerated five-year program to Kean’s New Jersey Center for Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

When she accepted the scholarship, Bagley also had to accept the agreement terms in a contract that stated she had to maintain high grades and get a job teaching at a New Jersey public high school within five months of graduation for at least three years. Breaching these terms would result in the scholarship becoming a loan, according to an article on

Bagley graduated from Kean University in 2010 as the Valedictorian of her class and was also a top graduate of the master‘s degree program in 2011. Bagley consistently maintained a 4.0 grade-point average throughout her college career.

But, Bagley breached the contract with Kean when she accepted an offer from the University of Kentucky to enroll in its doctoral program.

“Indeed, in order for the program to be successful, it is essential that students honor the terms of their contract and fulfill the teaching requirement upon graduation,” said Matthew Caruso, Director of University Relations, in a statement. “In Robin’s case, she has chosen to break the terms of the contract that covered the cost of a majority of her education here at Kean University. We commend Robin for her acceptance into a Ph.D. program, and we know she will be extremely successful in all her endeavors. However, like all students in STEM teaching program, Robin must uphold her end of the contract.”

Kean’s research center revoked Bagley’s scholarship. Bagley received a tuition bill in September for nine semester’s worth of classes. A balance which totaled to about $25,000 due immediately, according to the article.

“She (Robin) was their valedictorian, and she had done so much for the university and for the community and they didn’t work with her in any way, shape or form, or look at other opportunities,” said Bagley’s mother, Jill Bagley,  to “It’s so much a slap in the face.”

However, the family will not be fighting the bill. Bagley’s mother has already taken out a personal loan to pay the $25,000.

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