Don’t be zombied out on Halloween, be the center of the party!

By Dasia Brown


One thing that is always anticipated when the fall arrives are the holidays that come along with it. Halloween has always been one that almost everyone loves, full of eating free candy till your stomach hurts, dressing as someone else for a change and, of course, parties.

You might be thinking “hold on wait a minute, Halloween is for babies,” but it’s not if you follow some of these helpful tips to take you from being zombied out to being the center of the party.

Trick or treating may not be the thing to do, but you can make it so that your party brings a little of your childhood memories back even for the college student who feels like they’re “too old.”

To do that you can incorporate some of the favorite Halloween candies such as candy corn, marshmallow eye balls and other creepy candies in your foods.

Instead of making regular candy apples, put some gummy worms inside the apple and add Oreo crumbs to the outside to give it an old spooky appearance.

Make cupcakes with candy vampire teeth as decorations, or make them look like pumpkins with orange frosting.

Candy bags can also serve as the trick or treat substitution. Serve fun “mock-tails” for underage friends in the color of red for blood and cocktails for those older with the same idea or even find a way to color them black.

Let your party have a theme. It can be from making everyone show up as a character from your favorite scary movie to making it a Dracula party.

Whatever theme you decide to go with, the decorations should follow as well. So if you decide to do a “Twilight” movie theme, you can have your decorations consist of werewolf and vampire items.

Play some Halloween games as well to make your party different from the rest. You can play a round of hide and go seek in the dark to get your friends involved, but add a scary twist by placing skeletons in the closets and other spooky things in places where people may hide.

Halloween game ideas for your party can also be found online where you can find rules for “Lie Detector Game” and “Kings”.

The most important factor to making you the center of the party will be the choice in costume. Make sure that your costume is the best because you are the host, keep in mind for the ladies not to be too revealing. Halloween does give you the chance to dress as something you normally would not, but do keep in mind what you wear and how you wear it.

So have that spooky creepy party that all your friends will enjoy and always remember to be safe as well. Party till you drop, but never be a zombie out on Halloween.

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