Dressin’ for your profession

By Iman-Jazelle Bond


As we get older our style changes. Becoming young adults, we start to dress the way we want to, in a style that defines us. But do we dress well enough to prepare ourselves for our careers? Most Kean students do not really see a need to change. Eileen McGrath, a senior Education major, says that she will dress more appropriately once she gets more into her internship and further into her career, while Eun Y “Sarah” Cho, a sophomore Music Education major does not think her style will change.

Professional styles by Ann Taylor.
Photo credit: Ann Taylor

“A teacher typically wears dress pants and a nice shirt or a blazer,” said Cho, who added that that described her almost everyday style, minus the dress pants.


The style of a school teacher is basic and simple, but it doesn’t have to be boring. “J. Crew and Ann Taylor are two affordable retailers that supply the pieces to create the perfect teacher outfit,” says Emily Africano Hotz of TeachHub.com. The designers also offer teacher discounts. You can mix and match styles and patterns and still be work appropriate.

“My profession is acting so we get costumes,” said Natalie Bailey, a senior Theater major. As an actress, you must always make a great first impression by dressing professionally; it is part of your image. Going to an audition, make sure you know what role you are going for. If you’re auditioning for a role of someone from the Adams Family, you would not wear anything bright pink or floral. However, if it is a “cattle call” audition, wear something to make you stand out.

Jen Aleverz-Otero says she sort of already dresses for her profession. She may wear sweats at times, but for the most part, she does “try and maintain a professional image at all times.”

The top five items a woman must always have in her wardrobe are a little black dress, a black skirt, black pants, a white blouse and a simple pair of black flats or heels.

These five items are simple, can be paired with anything and can be worn to interviews and daily on the job. They can also be worn by a woman of any profession. Accessories are not necessary, however if you must, a little goes a long way. A watch for your wrist, pearls for your neck and studs for your ears.

Going into our professions, we must begin to brand ourselves. We must stand out from others and part of that is how we dress. Never try to over dress to just to get the job. Be conservative, clean, polished and more importantly, be yourself.

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