Newly popular song, “Gangnam Style” by Psy

By Darian Maduruh


I cannot believe it; I cannot actually believe that there is a song in 2012 that’s even cheesier, even catchier and even more of a novelty than “Call Me Maybe.” Who could have possibly predicted that the South Korean rapper known as Psy would have come to dominate radio airwaves and YouTube in the beginnings of the fall season?

Born Park Jae-Sang, Psy has been in the music business for over a decade, He released his first album, “Psy…From the Psycho World!” in 2001. The song “Gangnam Style” is featured on his sixth album, “Psy’s Best 6th Part 1,” and was released as a single back in July. Since then, it has had over 330 Million views on YouTube. It has been covered by the band Maroon 5, and has celebrities like T-Pain (one of the first artists to mention the song on his twitter) and Britney Spears talking about it. But why? Why is this song so popular? Why has this song seemingly taken the world by storm? And I do not mean that in a figurative sense….this song has people all over the world bumping the track in their cars and homes.

It helps that this song is an upbeat electro pop song….in an era of upbeat electro pop songs. To be honest, production wise, it is pretty much your garden variety techno song in 2012. Yet, what makes this song special is probably Psy himself, even if most people do not understand a word he is saying….well, except for when he says “Heyyyy sexy lady,” and of course “Oppa Gangnam Style.”

Still, even though you cannot understand his native Korean tongue, the words manage to become catchy. Recently, in an attempt to figure out the mystery behind this song, I went to and read an English translation of the lyrics. Apparently, “Gangnam Style” refers to Gangnam, a place of wealth and high class living in Korea. The lyrics also detail Psy’s search for an ideal lady, one who knows when to be classy, but also knows when to let loose. Basically, even the lyrics are like a garden variety techno song in 2012.  Still, it is Psy himself who helps to make this track stand out.

Probably the most important factor of the song’s popularity is its music video. It is over the top, colorful, silly and filled with dancing; and not just regular, plain old dancing. There is horse dancing, little kids imitating Michael Jackson’s iconic moves (a 5 year old boy named Hwang Min Woo a contestant on “Korea’s Got Talent”), dancing through a snowstorm, side dancing and more types of dancing that I’m sure are mixed in as well. The video also features an appearance by Korean pop sensation, Hyuna.

All I can really say is that on paper, this song should not have ended up being this popular. It is bizarre and only seemed like it would be a smash in its native country. Somehow, through sheer charisma and a contagious fun, loving spirit, Psy has managed to warm the hearts of people all around with his hit song (seriously!). There is no doubt that Psy will end up a one hit wonder in America and other countries, and that people will eventually throw this song in the bin with other classics such as “Who Let the Dogs Out” and “Mamba No. 5.” Still, try to enjoy this crazy, fun song while you can, before everyone decides its popularity is nonexistent.

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