The best video games to play on Halloween

By Nick Mojica


With Halloween just around the corner, many students will be curled up watching scary movies by themselves or with friends. While watching marathons of the legendary Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises are an excellent way to spend your Halloween, I am here to give you another great option of things to do. There are plenty of video games out there that will give you the thrill and horror you are looking for on a Halloween night. I will detail some of the scariest, most family friendly, the best multi-player games to play and more.

Scariest Game to Play – Resident Evil 4 (Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Wii)

There are tons of scary video games out there, but I had to narrow it down to one and if I had to pick one of the scariest games, it would have to be Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 is far scarier than its successor and has that survivor-horror feel to it. In this the sixth installment of the franchise, you play as Leon S. Kennedy, who is on a mission to rescue the President’s daughter in a European village. While the game did come out in 2005, Capon recently released an HD upgrade for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is available on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Best Action Game – Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (PS3, Xbox 360)

Red Dead Redemption was one of 2010’s best games. An open world, third person shooter, ala Grand Theft Auto, but set in the Old West, Undead Nightmare puts you in control of John Marston as you search to find the cure for a zombie plague that has taken over the town. If you already own Red Dead Redemption, you can download Undead Nightmare as an add-on. If you don’t own this game, Undead Nightmare is available as a standalone and also comes with the two other downloadable content packs released: Legends and Killers and Liars and Cheats. While RDR: Undead Nightmare is not one of the scariest games to play; it does feature zombies and who does not love to kill the undead?

Best Family Friendly Game – Costume Quest (Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade)

No game on this list fits the theme of Halloween better than Costume Quest. Costume Quest is an adventure role-playing game that takes place on one Halloween night. You take control of a young child who, while on a night of trick-or-treating, their sibling is kidnapped by monsters. Throughout the game you collect candy corn, costumes (that you can put on your character) and cards that you trade with other kids throughout the town. The best part of Costume Quest is the battles, which are turn-based, meaning you select your attack, but during the battles the kids become giant versions of the costumes they are wearing. It is really something you have to see to enjoy. In a game that features robots, knights and unicorns, what more is there to ask for?

Best Multiplayer Game to Play – Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

Specifically, Zombie Mode. Black Ops’ Zombie Mode lets you hook up with three of your friends as you take on continuous hoards of zombies. After each round, you can use the money you accumulated while killing zombies and buy new statistic upgrades and guns. Zombie mode is included in the game, but there are also downloadable map-packs that have come out. These packs add new levels, weapons, perks and characters. The Escalation Map pack includes new celebrity characters. Available within are real-life actors, Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund and Michael Rooker.

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