Kean Thanksgiving traditions

By Xirena Wormley


With a few more days left before the big holiday Kean students share their Thanksgiving thoughts and traditions.

The term Turkey Day is often used synonymously with Thanksgiving many students say that turkey is not on the menu for their Thanksgiving feast.

“I don’t eat turkey. Everyone in my family makes potatoes,” said sophomore speech and language hearing science major Shelly Soloveychik.

Soloveychick also said her favorite dish features eggplant parmesan and sweet potatoes with marshmallows. A traditional Thanksgiving meal is often described to include turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. However, each family celebrates the holiday by creating their own dishes and traditions.

The highlight of the holidays for freshman Kyle Bryant is the annual football game his family has in their backyard.

“It’s a friendly competition the older guys and the younger kids in my family,” he said.

Thanksgiving is a time for families from far and near to come together to enjoy each other’s company. Bryant’s family lives in other states like California and Washington. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only time he gets to see them.

“I know it sounds cliché, but this year, I’m sincerely thankful for my family,” Bryant said.

Almost as important as the Thanksgiving holiday is the day after: Black Friday. Junior communications/journalism major Elizabeth Bracey like many other students said she is looking forward to going to the mall at midnight to get the best discounts on electronics and clothes. This year she is hoping to purchase a game console and possibly a pair of UGGS. 

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