Kean students express their opinions about smartphones

By Keanu Austin


Nowadays, you’ll be hard pressed to find a young adult in the country without a smartphone, let alone on Kean University’s campus. Almost everyone has one and there’s hardly a time on campus when you can’t catch someone engrossed with their phone, either in class or while they’re on the go.

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If you want to stay in the loop, it’s probably for the best that you get one too, but how do you decide which smartphone to get?

A recent survey conducted on campus has revealed that a majority of Kean students that were interviewed have a preference toward Apple’s smartphone over other smartphones. However, a few of those interviewed had their share of reservations about the Apple product.

Stephon White is currently a student at Kean University and a previous BlackBerry user who has switched to the iPhone. When asked the reason behind his switch, White laughed.

“It was time for an upgrade,” White said.

White claimed that the iPhone is better than what he owned previously and that he’d consider giving one as a gift for a family member or a friend over the holidays.

Miriam Amer and Steve Misko are also iPhone owners who had switched over from the Android, and both cited complications with their Android as the reason for their switch.

Misko said that his Android broke on him, and while he wouldn’t mind going back to the Android, he still likes the iPhone.

Amer, on the other hand, appeared much more fed up with the Android saying that she switched because the device wouldn’t work properly. Her experience with the iPhone, however, has been a different story as she’s very satisfied with the Apple product.

David Osterbeg is yet another Kean student with a preference for the iPhone, and while he didn’t switch over to it from another phone, Osterberg is just as satisfied with his Apple product. So satisfied that, just like White, he’d consider giving it as a gift to a friend or a family member.

Other students, on the other hand, aren’t so convinced about the iPhone.

Samantha Todd and Luz Rosas are very much satisfied with their current smartphones and claim to have no interest at all in switching over to the iPhone.  When asked why, Todd referenced the international texting perks she gets with her BlackBerry and Rosas brought attention to the slide-out keyboard on her MyTouch Droid—something you don’t get with an iPhone.

Students Jeremy Senanayake and Nelson Greene aren’t too different from Todd and Rosas. Both Senanayake and Greene are owners of an HTC phone and are on the fence about switching over to an iPhone.

Greene in particular said that while he’d be interested in switching over to one, he’s not so sure at the moment because of Samsung’s Galaxy SIII being an interesting option.

Now that some Kean students have expressed their opinions about smartphones, hopefully their advice can help set you on the right path for what phone to purchase this season.

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