Thanksgiving spirit comes to Kean

By Dominique Vinas


Family, friends and education are all essential to a fun healthy life and the students and professors here at Kean are so thankful to be fortunate enough to have these necessities. October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Center for Leadership and Service at Kean organized events and fundraisers for Kean alumni to donate, while engaging in fun with their peers.

Top: Nayadira Pacheco's nails, showing her support for breast cancer; Bottom: Pacheco with her mother. Photo Credit: Dominique Vinas

Top: Nayadira Pacheco’s nails, showing her support for breast cancer; Bottom: Pacheco with her mother.
Photo Credit: Dominique Vinas

Events such as the “Making Strides against Breast Cancer Walk” bake sales and Cancer awareness programs all proved to be a huge success.

“My mom is a survivor of Breast Cancer, and it’s been about three years now that she is healthy,” said Nayadira Pacheco, a sophomore. “I’m so thankful for my mom, and I’m thankful that Kean recognized how important Breast Cancer Awareness is not only to me, but many students and faculty members here. Me and all my closest friends painted our nails pink for the entire month of October to make a fashion statement for a good cause.”

Many of the students who participated in the Breast Cancer walk on Sunday, October 21, were so proud to have been a part of something so great and felt they really made a difference.

“There was so many people there to support such a great cause and for people to come together united for a good cause was amazing to see and experience,” said Audris Torres, a sophomore.

With Kean recently undergoing academic evaluation, many students and faculty members are so thankful to still have either a job or a school that they can call home.

“I’m very thankful that Kean didn’t lose their accreditation, not only because it’s my last year but because I love the school, it’s offered me a lot and helped me grow since my freshman year,” said Monica Pineros, a senior.

Lakira McQueen, 21, senior, explains how grateful she is, “I’m thankful that my friends and family support me on my educational endeavors and ultimately I’m thankful for my freedom which allows me to pursue the career that I love, and it’s great being able to do that knowing I have people that I love supporting me every step of the way.”

Students are not the only ones that are full of thanksgiving cheer. Professors at Kean are very pleased as well as they juggle very stressful lives between teaching, other jobs, family and their social lives.

“I am thankful for my two little nephews,” said Valerie Blanchard, Communications professor, and former Kean Alumni. “My daily life is very busy and filled with much stress, but the minute I see their cute little faces my worries vanish in an instant. I am very thankful to have Drew and Liam in my life.”

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