The mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” leaves audience wanting more

By Sonia Aquije


The mid-series finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” left its audience with a suspenseful cliff hanger. The series plot grew in complexity with both the foreshadowing of the group’s fate and the reunion between Daryl and Merle.

AMC's "The Walking Dead" cast.Photo Credit:

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” cast.
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Fans tuned in on Sunday, Dec. 2 for a mid-season finale that would be anything but disappointing.

According to Lesley Golderberg, of The Hollywood Reporter, “Sunday’s mid-season finale collected 10.5 million total viewers in its initial broadcast at 9 p.m.”

Episode eight started off with the introduction of five mysterious new characters, fighting their way into the prison. The Governor plans to take out Rick’s group at the prison, not knowing that Rick and the others are on a rescue mission to save Maggie and Glenn, who are taken as prisoners in the town of Woodbury.

With Merle’s constant worry of his brother, the Governor begins to question Merle’s loyalty. The Governor’s doubts are proved right when Michonne shows up at his apartment ready to kill him, but instead, she murders his greatest treasure during this living nightmare of the world—his zombie daughter.

Sandra Burns, a junior pursuing a psychology major and a communication minor, believes that the next episode will exemplify the dangers of the living instead of the walkers.

“In the next episode of “The Walking Dead,” I expect that the Atlanta group and the Governor will have some serious confrontation,” Burns said. “The Atlanta group will probably kill the Governor and start uproar in the town. Also, I think Merle and Daryl will escape.”

“The Walking Dead” will return on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013.

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