Kean student’s Super Bowl predictions

Kean Students Super Bowl Predictions (Sports) Photo

Ravens vs. 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII
Photo Credit: Darien Evans-Raines

By Darien Evans-Raines

Kean students are pumped for this year’s Super Bowl. Even though this is not the Super Bowl of
2012 with the New York Giants making it to the big game, there is still a prominent buzz throughout
the campus about this year’s match-up. We have the read-option, rough and rugged San Francisco
49ers San Francisco 49ers vs. the smash-mouth, deep-throwing Baltimore Ravens. The students have
spoken and let’s see the results based on a poll taken by this writer of 100 Kean Students:

Who will win the Super Bowl?
Maybe it’s because this particular team is closer than the other. Maybe it is the fact that they have
a player who has been an elite staple at his position saying his last hoorah. Maybe it is the acceptance
of beating the hometown rival convincingly in Foxboro. The majority of Kean students chose the
Baltimore Ravens to become Super Bowl champions in 2013.

Darien’s Pick: ‘49ers will win on the backs of this unstoppable read-option look that teams have been
using in Seattle and Washington, as well as in San Francisco.

Who will be the MVP?
I gave you a hint in the first survey who was the leader of these Ravens,, and he ran away with the
voting for Super Bowl MVP honors in my survey. He has led the Ravens to two Super Bowls, in 2001
and finally in 2013. Ray Lewis, the most energetic and inspirational football player in the league will
win the Super Bowl MVP trophy.

Darien’s Pick: The dual threat of run and throw that Colin Kaepernick possesses will lead him to
victory and an MVP trophy.

What will the score be?
This one was everywhere from blowout to close game and even shutouts,, but I averaged all the scores.
The final of Super Bowl XLVII will be Ravens 27, 49ers 21.

Darien’s Pick: ‘49ers: 38,, Ravens: 31. The teams will not be able to stop each other’s offense
throughout the contest. It will come down to one of these defenses stopping the other one time in the
last minutes of the fourth quarter, and I think the ‘49ers are well equipped with Aldon Smith, Dashon
Goldson and Patrick Willis to do so.

Are you looking forward to the game more or the commercials?

The last couple decades, what do people look forward to the most during the Super Bowl, which
draws record numbers of viewers in each year. Usually sports fans say “the game” and irregular football
viewers say “commercials..” But lately commercials have had everlasting effects on the regular football
fan, with hilarious Super Bowl commercials that Doritos, Pepsi, and Volkswagen do year after year.
Kean students agreed and said they look more forward to the commercials more than the game.

Darien’s Pick: This is a no–brainer, the game is more important. Watching history every first Sunday
of February is the pinnacle of the NFL season and what I look forward to.

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