Brown Bag Lunch Makes a Comeback!


By: Sara Paczkowski

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could have a 3-hour lunch break? Go home, relax with friends and family, unwind and then go back to the rest of the day? That sounds relaxing, but let’s face it, college students are busy individuals and we aren’t in Italy. Lunch seems to be the hardest meal to plan, prepare, and make healthy. There seems to be absolutely no time in between classes or work to eat, and we all need to.

Running around during lunchtime also has other downfalls. When we are rushing and starving, we need energy fast and the first thing we grab is not always the healthiest. The faster and easier option is not always the best option. Planning and preparing meals not only saves time and money but extra calories as well!

Krista Gallo, Senior Communication major says, “packing a lunch makes my life so much easier, not only do I save money every week, but it also helps out my waistline.” Packing a healthy lunch can keep you on track and lets you avoid busy lines, which is also a plus when you are in a rush.

“I usually bring a salad and some snacks, or a sandwich when I know I won’t have time to sit,” Gallo said. “An apple is also a perfect snack because I can eat it in between classes and it isn’t messy or unhealthy,” she added. Staying fueled and eating the right food such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats give you lasting energy throughout the day and improves your concentration.

It doesn’t hurt to cave in sometimes and enjoy a nice slice of pizza, however, try not to make it a daily routine! If you pack a healthy lunch throughout the week, it allows you to have your favorite foods in moderation. Have fun with it, throw in some healthier versions of your old favorites or use lunch to introduce some new flavors or food into your diet! Doing a little research on websites and magazines can provide you with so many ideas and options that it would be hard for you to run out!

With a little practice and planning, you’ll see that packing a lunch has many benefits. After awhile, you’ll see your savings get bigger and maybe your waist get smaller!

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