Kean Market Place now carrying crowd favorite

Edy's ice cream in the Market PlacePhoto Credit: Gillian Findley

Edy’s ice cream in the Market Place
Photo Credit: Gillian Findley

By Gillian Findley

Grabbing snacks and drinks after and before classes, a crowd of students flood the Kean
University’s store on Monday night, February 11th.

Kean University’s store, Market Place, located in the University Center, now carries a 14 ounce
Edy’s ice cream priced for $3.05.

Shipments of the Edy’s ice cream began to appear in the frozen section shelves in early January
2013. The newest item in Market Place is selling fast according to employee and cashier Monica.

Alyssa Fields, a freshman majoring in Sociology, thinks ice cream is a good product for the
store. Fields purchases ice cream from the Market Place once a week; she states, “I enjoy eating
ice cream a lot.”

Flavors of the store’s ice cream ranges from tasteful cookie dough, Butterfinger and Drumstick
to rich and creamy vanilla and chocolate.

While ringing up students with their purchases, Monica began to explain how busy the store has
become due to Edy’s ice cream. “The store becomes the busiest the later it gets,” Monica says.

The items that sell the most in Market Place are the Arizona iced teas, TV dinners and ice cream;
though Monica expects more shipment of ice cream solely. “I rang up four ice creams for one
person,” Monica said, “it sells out every night.”

“Guys don’t buy the ice cream …it’s the girls who love it,” says Monica, “Cookie dough is
the ‘Crowd Pleaser.’”

Market Place opens 9am-11pm Monday through Thursdays, 9am-9pm Fridays, 12pm-6pm on
Saturdays and 5pm-10pm on Sundays.

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