Year of the Snake Celebration

Asian Festival


By Michelle A. Bingham

Thursday, February 14, 2013, the Asian Studies Degree Program [ASDP] here at Kean presented their annual Chinese New Year celebration, also known as Spring Festival! It consisted of stories from students that visited the Wenzhou Kean campus in China, entertainment, food, and so much more!

Walking into the room, there were tables set up for information, food, crafts, and raffles. The ASDP members aimed to make this celebration informative and fun. The designated greeters, staff and students from Kean, were extremely welcoming and enthused about this event and culture. A very diverse crowd came out to support this celebration. There were musical performances by students involved in the program, along with a demonstration of the Wu Shu martial arts that excited the crowd.

Professors, students, and even our very own President Farahi joined in speaking and welcoming everyone to the festivities. A volunteer, Liwei Chen, was eager to be a part of the Spring Festival activities since she is a native from China and is also an international transfer student here at Kean University. With great food and prizes that reflected this Chinese atmosphere, and loads of interesting facts, each person was able to leave with a bit of an Asian flare.

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