Kean University presents one of Broadway’s biggest hits, Hairspray!

hairspray poster from kean students

“It is a musical about acceptance of race, of sexuality, of physical proportion and beauty, of
educational achievement,” Holly Logue Director of Hairspray said.

New York City is consistently having outstanding Broadway shows, but in the downside is that
viewers can spend as much as 100 up to 400 dollars on tickets alone.

This year Kean decided to do something special and kickoff the New Year in the proper fashion.

Kean is bringing Hairspray home!

Director of Hairspray, Holly Logue says “I selected Hairspray for several reasons. First, I was
inspired by the abundance of talented students at Kean, whose abilities matched with what would
be needed to tell the story of Hairspray.”

“Second, in the Department of Theatre we try to present a theatre season that is balanced,
blending productions that might be exciting, and new with productions that have already
garnered commercial success and name recognition.”

“Third, I feel the story within Hairspray is one that our audiences will thoroughly enjoy,
especially if they appreciate tongue-in-cheek humor. Last, I love it when our department chooses
musicals that offer our students an opportunity to develop new skills. In this case, the dancing
that is associated with the early 60’s is very specific, and our cast is loving every minute”, said

This performance of Hairspray has a twist to the original one. Director Logue says “This
production will not be like others, for it is my job as a director to share the story as I see it, not
re-create the Broadway production. That process starts with reading the script and identifying the
themes and messages woven within.”

“In doing that, what stuck out to me was the contrast between the starkness of segregation and
racism in Baltimore 1962 with the light-hearted, bigger than life characters, who, in living their
lives, experience a transformation. Remember, Hairspray is set in the era of John F. Kennedy
and Martin Luther King”, said Logue

Hairspray is of course a musical, so it definitely needs fantastic music and dancing.

Choreographer Mossay says “The show take place in June of 1962, so I did a great deal of
research and learned how to do several American social dances that were popular between 1957
and early 1962.”

“These included: The Mess Around, The Snake Hip Boggie or Snake Hip, The Madison (which
is a featured line dance number in the show), The Trankey Doo, and the Shim Sham, to name a

Logue said that during the 1960’s,“The images of the time could be seen in the television
news coverage, television shows, commercials, styles, and the protagonist in Hairspray, Tracy
Turnbald, moves her world forward with her over-the-top energy and love for people of all
shapes, sizes, and colors.”

Every successful, mesmerizing, breathing taking play has a moral. The people who produce the
shows want their audience members to remember a key message.

Logue says “I want the audience to remember the realities of the 60s, appreciate the progress that
has been made, and think about why it is important that we continue to move forward.”

“I want them to find the balance between the seriousness of the issues and the light-hearted
“John Walters” approach to this subject. I would love for them to have a wonderful time in
the theatre, enjoying the music, the dancing, the comedy, but not forget what is at the core of
Hairspray”, said Logue.

“It is a musical about acceptance of race, of sexuality, of physical proportion and beauty, of
educational achievement.”

If you are interested in watching the show Hairspray, here are the dates, prices, and
location listed on the brochure of the Kean Theatre website. The dates and times are the
following…Feb.22, 23, 27, March 1, 2 at 8p.m. Feb.23, 24, March 2 at 2p.m. March 1 at 5 p.m.

The prices are the following…General Public $15, Seniors, Faculty, Staff, Alumni $12, and
Students $10. The location is the Wilkin’s Theatre.

If you have any more concerns regarding this performance go to

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