New Talent to Be Featured on Kean Radio


By Aaron Mena

Khalil Kairos is an up and coming ambitious rapper from Perth Amboy, New Jersey. He began his musical journey in high school when he and his friends would freestyle in the hallways, in the lunch room or whenever they had some free time. Originally, it was just for fun until he realized he had some real talent.

He was mainly influenced by Common, Nas, Eminem and 2Pac. Khalil takes pride in creating rhymes and putting songs together. He is striving to put out quality music that expresses his emotions and his life experiences. Khalil wants to separate himself from the mainstream radio garbage and provide his listeners with music that has a deeper meaning. Where he differentiates himself from other artists is he puts his heart into his music and does not rap about drugs or disrespecting females like many other artists.

He has performed at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City with “E&J”, and other local venues through out the tri state area. He also enjoys attending open mic nights and coming up with something new on the fly.

In five years Khalil would like to be pursuing a musically involved career. Wether it is producing or being a solo artist, he knows music will be in his future. Khalil will also be featured on WKNJ, Kean Universities radio station on Monday March 4, at 9 p.m. Dj Absurd and Anthony All Mental will have a q&a session with Khalil about his journey as an artist and his upcoming event.

He has recently organized an event to show case talent from the central Jersey area. The show originally stemmed from wanting to do something different for his birthday other than going to the bar or a club. He wanted to get his musically involved friends together and just having a good time doing what they love.

The event is called “Artifacts” and  will consist of seven acts, some of which are hip-hop, R&B and an alternative band.  He will also have some local artists selling their creations at the event. The showcase  will be held on March 9th at The Waiting Room in Rahway. Khalil will also preview some newly created tracks for his upcoming mix-tape to be released over the summer. Keep an open ear for this artist he is on the brink of something big.


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