Top five Kanye West albums

By Darian Maduruh

Despite the often polarizing effect he has on the world, Kanye West has become one
of the biggest icons of this generation. His music changed perceptions of what Rap
Music could be, and also changed perceptions of what an artist can do. I mean, lets be
honest….would Drake really have the career he does without Kanye releasing “808’s &
Heartbreak” first? Nope. Now, here is where I present to you my top 5 favorite Kanye
West albums…and no die hard Hip Hop fans, “College Dropout” is not my number one:

1. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy:” Now, every album on this list is pretty
good, as Kanye has yet to release a truly bad album. But, this album right here?
Near perfection. It takes the musical styles of Kanye’s previous works and dials it
up to eleven.

2. “Late Registration:” This is what happens when Rap collides with the type of
scores you find in movies. Collaborating with Producer Jon Brion, Ye managed to
beat the sophomore slump with the album that gave us the song “Gold Digger.”

3. “The College Dropout:” Ye introduced “Backpack Rap” to the masses with his
classic debut album, which told tales of Ye’s struggle to go from Rap Producer to
full fledged Rap artist.

4. “Graduation:” With this album, Ye aspired to become not just a rapper, but a pop
icon, mixing rap with electronic music, resulting in tracks like “Stronger”, another
number 1 hit in West’s discography.

5. “808’s & Heartbreak:” Yes, this is the “Auto Tune album.” Now, it would be silly
to rank it last just because Kanye sings instead of rapping on it. In fact, I still like
this album, and this would be a definitive album for any other artist. This is not
the worst Ye album, just the least good compared to everything else.

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