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Jasmine Leach

Kean’s Robert Bush School of Design Sponsors Its First Animation Festival

Animation is a great way to both explore and expand your creative side. It allows people to create their own animated characters and their own stories.

Animation also has many programs that offer assistance in the different styles of animation. People can also learn special effects in animation.

On April 20 Kean University will debut its First Animation Festival.

This festival is for any student or individual interested in any part of animation. At the festival there will be animation companies providing information regarding animation, what it entails, and some careers in this field.

Rose Gonnella, executive director of the Robert Bush School of Design at Kean, said “It is very exciting to have this new event for all students at Kean, not just those studying motion graphics and animation in the Robert Bush School of Design.”

The animation festival will include a variety of activities students can engage in. There will be speakers that specialize in certain areas of animation.

Elizabeth S. Blazer organizer of this animation festival said, “We are having three speakers, Shu Liu, Visual Effects Animator, Bill Moore, Character Animator and Andrew Riis Broadcast Graphics Animator.”

“Two of the speakers will be doing part presentation part workshop. We will also [be] presenting an international short program of films, ads, PSAs and promos representing what’s happening in animation today.”

These speakers will discuss their experience in the animation field and they will also speak about the different forms of animation such as, CGI. CGI is stands for Computer Generated Imagery.

Another opportunity this animation festival provides is the ability to speak to representatives of well known, television networks and shows. “Many people in animation industry move around from project to project. Our three speakers have worked at, or on Nickelodeon, Blue Sky, and Andrew Riis is currently working at Nickelodeon doing air promos,” said Blazer.

There will also be beverages and food at the festival. There will be a pizza party and “…screening of our own Robert Busch School of Design student animation,” said Blazer.

If you would like to attend this event and get an amazing networking opportunity, the event will be from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the University Center and it will be free. For more information you can go o

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