Paramore’s Newly Released Self-Titled Album

photo by: Emily Dell’Olio

photo by: Emily Dell’Olio

By: Emily Dell’Olio

Paramore released their fourth album in early April.  This self-titled album has received mixed reviews over the past couple of weeks.  Some fans that have been listening to Paramore since the release of their first album, All We Know is Falling, have showed some disappointment in the turn the band has made.  The new album strays away from the band’s traditional fast paced, exhilarating style.  The band took a different route when writing their latest album.  All 17 tracks of Paramore have a much more mature and relaxed sound than previous albums.

Despite the change, Paramore was named #1 album on Billboard Top 200 two weeks after it was released.  The success of the album has been a great accomplishment for Paramore since they lost two members of the band in 2010.  The Farro brothers, co-founders of Paramore, quit the band leaving singer Hayley Williams, guitarist, Taylor York and bassist, Jeremy Davis in the dust.  There was plenty of talk that Paramore would be no more since Josh Farro and Williams wrote the band’s songs together.

After listening to the new album, there is no doubt that Williams and York have noteworthy songwriting talent and will be continuing to make music for years to come.  Take the time to check out a preview of the songs from Paramore on iTunes.

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