Cover art to Beyonce and Andre 3000’s cover
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By Shelsie Ducheine

Beyonce and Andre 3000 honored  the late Amy Winehouse by covering her 2006 smash hit “Back to Black.”  Mark Ronson, co-writer of the original song, released the the full version two days ago while Beyonce was in the United Kingdom kicking off her new tour.

Andre 3000 opens up the song with an almost effortless sultry verse over a slow dark beat. Beyonce follows up with her own mystic twist. The song is dramatic and the inspiration of Amy Winehouse in vivid through the words. Ranson was moved by the cover and expressed his feelings live on East Village Radio.

“I’m flattered and honored,” Ranson said, “I know Amy would be to.”

While Ranson, Beyonce and Andre 3000 are pleased with the track, Amy’s father feels otherwise. According to the Daily Mail, Amy’s dad, Mitch, expressed that Beyonce brought nothing to the track. Over the weekend he expressed his feelings via Twitter and mentioned that he would allow Beyonce  to do another cover of his daughters song, but through other tweets it was clear that he was displeased with Andre’s verse the most.


All in all, Beyonce fans seemed to pleased with the song and hopefully Amy is too.

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