Hook up culture at Kean University



by Elizabeth Bracey

College is known for education, partying, and hooking up of course, but how much is too much? Professor Bodin-Lerner who teaches interpersonal communication decided to create a survey with her class. The survey asks students if their is a hook-up culture at Kean and if the students like it or not. Each class member has to survey at least fifty individuals and ask their opinion of hook up culture at Kean University.

The survey is meant to inform students on the importance of dating.  Students at Kean will have the opportunity to share how they feel which is important because not many classes are incorporating outside opinions of school topics. After results, the class would like to take the opportunity to explore changes and instill value towards campus dating. Professor Bodin-Lerner and her class also wants to continue this survey next semester.  Many results the students are receiving are great.

“It’s not just the girls saying there’s a hook up culture and they don’t like it but many men are saying the dame thing” Professor Bodin-Lerner explained.

Some students in the class were given a different perspective after reviewing their results of hook up culture as well. It was an eye-opener for student Julie Lang.

“A lot of groups I have surveyed so far are either athletes or in Greek organizations and they say this happens a lot around here” says Lang.

Students mentioned a lot of people prefer dating but chooses to hook up. This survey is part of the Interpersonal communications final and the students are happy to interact and receive all kinds of feedback from other people.

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