Kean launches its’ own mobile app


The main page of Kean’s mobile app
Photo Credit: Gerald Lima

By Gerald Lima

How much does a Kean University student know about his or her school? Did you know Kean University has a mobile application for students? It’s true. Kean University is the first in New Jersey to launch the mobile application, according to the media and publications of Kean University.

The application is just like being on the website it has the directory, maps, keangoogle, keanwise, etc.

This app makes things a lot easier for college students. I use the app myself and it really comes in handy everything is only one button away. I understand that some students don’t have an iPhone, a galaxy, or an android but that app is also available on an iPod touch or any kind of mobile device.

“Our university is focused on being a leader in a technology driven society,” said Kean University President Dawood Farahi, “We are eager to offer this exciting new feature as a way to provide better service to our campus community.”

Kean University is finding ways to make the school better and more helpful to the life of a college student. You can access the Kean app by downloading it off the apple store, the galaxy app store, or the android store and all free of charge. This is such a great start and it will just get better from here and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. For any more information contact Paul C. DiNero by email at

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