Kean Student Inspires The Youth Through Music

By: Dominique Vinas

“Everyone would tell me shut up! You can’t sing!”

That is s what Jordan Jones heard all the time in middle school, even from his teachers. Well, everyone starts somewhere and for Jordan his respect didn’t come easy. He first showed his interest in music in his Elementary days and just like all his friends at the time, he wanted to be a rapper. He admits that he idolized Chris Brown because all the girls loved him and this inspired him to start writing his own music as well.

“I didn’t have any respect in the beginning though”, said Jones.

Now that he’s a sophomore in college, he has people who want him to sing for them every day and for this he’s very grateful, although he knows he has a long way to go. His first video was put on YouTube covering a Drake song and it had over 150,000 views, a whopping turn out. After he noticed how much popularity he was receiving from his cover, he then started creating more videos and soon got his own little fan base.

“I’m now even using Instagram to make short videos for fans who really don’t go on YouTube”, said Jones.

Right now he’s working on his second mix tape entitled “Maturity” with the first single released called “Sweat” featuring a singer he linked up with from Texas called “Chas solo”. He also just currently finished working on another mix tape called “Here We Are” with his brother Bless and it received 5,000 views and 100 downloads, and he believes that it was relatable.

“It was a mix tape that told my life from 8th grade to my senior year in high school, with happy songs that you could dance to with your family to slow songs that was from personal experience”, said Jones.

He believes that a lot of people and mainly college students can relate to his music because when he writes, he doesn’t just think about his experiences but he thinks about what the average college student deals with and their daily struggles and situations.

“I’ve been told that I inspire some of the people who sing and listen to me, but I want do more than that”, said Jones, “I want to inspire kids and anybody who listens to me that no matter what, to follow your dreams.”

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