Nancy Thompson Library hosts annual ‘Welcome’ event

Students visit the 'Welcome to the Library' tent Photo Credit: Xirena Wormley

Students visit the ‘Welcome to the Library’ tent
Photo Credit: Xirena Wormley

By Xirena Wormley

The Nancy Thompson Library hosted their third annual ‘Welcome to the Library’ event to inform students about the resources the library has to offer.

Librarians set up a tent in front of the library, decorated it with blue and white balloons, and students were given pamphlets which emphasized several reasons why they should visit the library. Some reasons included quiet study rooms and the student technology lab. Students also received key chains and highlighters if they stopped by the tent..

“A lot of people like to think of the library as that building attached to Starbucks,” said Craig Anderson, a Kean reference librarian of 13-years, “People tend to focus on Starbucks and incidentally walk into the library,” he said.

Using Starbucks as a hang out is great, Anderson also wants people know that the library has other valuable features such as hundreds of e-books and scholarly articles through the online databases. The library features a lot of expensive resource services that students can access for free.

One of the most important resources the library offers are the librarians themselves,” Anderson said, “I always tell people never be afraid to go ask a librarian for help…librarians like most people, we’re always looking for a cheap excuse to prove how smart we are.”

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