Fall fashion preview

By Sara Paczkowski

The cool, crisp season of fall is finally here. The refreshing and mellow weather is a sweet transition from summer to winter and the campus is full of color and style. Boots, scarves and cardigans seem to capture the essence of fall fashion for Kean University students; however, this month’s New York Fashion Week inspired students to try out other versatile trends.

“I’m really into patterns right now and not being afraid to mix patterns like floral and stripes,” Senior English major Liana Garcia said.

The combination of patterns may seem unorthodox to some, but adding mismatching pieces can recreate any outfit. Whether your style is casual, Bohemian or put-together and modern, mixing patterns is a to-do for this fall and winter.

Fashion week was full of trends from emerald green pieces to military-inspired looks, but most of fall fashion comes down to layering. Mixing lace and knits can be both warm and flattering. Complementing oversized sweaters and capes to any piece can add a simple modern flair.

If you are not in the mood to dress up, fall pieces are perfect for dressing both cozy and cute. Adding a semiconservative top with a daring bottom can balance out to a comfortable yet edgy quirkiness.

“Adding little bits of leather into your outfit is really big right now,” said Garcia. “For example, a chunky wool sweater with leggings and a great boot.”

Even if leather is not one of your things, Garcia said, “try out leather accessories, like a leather (baseball) hat or even leather boots or gloves.” However, if you are daring, definitely throw in some leather skirts and pants.

When it comes to jewelry, innovation is key, according to Victoria Riporti, Senior, Communication major.

“I think you can wear it so many different ways,” Riporti said. “If you have a simple outfit you can definitely add in some statement pieces, like chunky bracelets or bold necklaces. But, if your outfit has a lot going on, keep your jewelry simple.”

Adding colorful gemstone pieces are great for adding pop to any earthy outfit but a thin-chained necklace can keep edgy look chic.

The best thing to do is, “use your own judgment,” said Riporti. “I’m not a fashion expert, but I just pay attention to the trends and learn as I go.”

When it comes to fall fashion, the most important thing to remember is “there are no rules. If you like it, wear it. Fashion is fun,” said Garcia.

You may not like every trend or care for them at all, so remember, it’s your own personal style. Wear what is a reflection of you. However, the leaves are turning so it is time to add some warmer pieces to your closet. Enjoy the crisp weather, some new outfits and a pumpkin spiced latte.

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