Students kick off school year with Kean Day

By Elizabeth Bracey

Kean Day was a fun-filled day for Kean University students. The event was run by the University Center Administration and took place Sept. 13 outside on the cougar walk between 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The event was for participating Kean students and faculty.

Being the first Kean Day of the year, many students enjoyed it because it was a way to meet new people and make new friends. Shauntay Guions, a senior at Kean University, wants to have Kean Day every semester.

“Kean day was really fun,” Guions said. “Many organizations gave out free items, especially to the freshman students and everyone was really friendly.”

There were different clubs and organizations present, including fraternities and sororities, the General Education Department, the Center for Leadership and Service, Student Organizaton, the Financial Aid Department, the Department of Health Services, the Office of Registrar and the Office of Residential Student Services. The departments helped the students with any questions they had.

Some fraternities and sororities were promoting their organizations. Students and faculty were able to donate to charity. Some organizations that were there were Sigma Beta Tau, Lambda Sigma Epsilon, Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Beta Sigma.

Many students walked around from table to table for fun-filled activities. The Center for Leadership and Service staff members handed out t-shirts to T2K students who completed their Kean map questionnaire.

Some students were also able to work during Kean Day. Jabriel Roberts, who works for the University Center administration, enjoyed his experience.

“My experience was different to say the least. My professional staff member, Kerrin Lyles, took me outside and assigned me to a station,” said Roberts. “At that station I made fried Oreos, which I had no prior knowledge of. I was easily helped by a few coworkers and I got the hang of it. One person even stated that the fried Oreos taste better than the ones down the shore. I was very surprised by that.”

Students were also able to do fun activities such as rock climbing, winning free toys and enjoying a carnival.

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