Five ways to stay healthy on campus

By Elizabeth Bracey

Everyone knows when you live on campus your eating routine can change dramatically. Those home cooked meals you once ate every day are now memories as you enter the nearest cafeteria.

There is the new upper class cafeteria, the Cougars Den and the University Center cafeteria but sometimes you may become tired of this food. The next options are ordering takeout but as we all know eating unhealthy food can be harmful to our bodies. Some ways where you can stay healthy on campus is by doing the following things.

1) Excercise , Excercise, Excercise! The hardwood arena Gym has all of the exercise machines you need to tone your body and feel great. All Kean faculty and students have access to the gym and to the free classes such as Zumba, yoga, and pilates twice a week.

2) Make use of the track! All Kean University students have free access to use the football stadium track or the Hardwood Arena track especially on weekends.

3) Eat salads ! All cafeterias on campus has a salad bar where you can make your own special salad. You can add chicken, turkey, beef, or fish to any salad to stay full and healthy,

4) Choose your carbs wisely: opting for different food options such as brown rice and whole-wheat bread instead of white rice and white bread can make a huge difference !

5) Late night snacking before bed time does not necessarily need to be ice cream and oreos. You can eat a side of fruit such as apples, strawberries , or a light yogurt. Veggie chips and applesauce are also a great late night snack.

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