Kean’s Be The Change paints murals in Linden

By Sara Paczkowski

On Oct. 5, members of Kean’s Be The Change, a community service and activism group made up of volunteers inside and outside of Kean University, all whom have a passion to make a change, teamed up and painted murals and planted flowers under Linden’s train station located on Wood Avenue. The all-day affair made quite an impact on both the students and the town.

According to Dr. Norma Bowe, the town was having crime issues near the train station’s underpass. In order to turn around this around, the idea was to shed some positivity throughout the area. The array of beautiful, colorful, paintings and messages surround the once dismal area with positive energy and personality. The mural signifies, its togetherness and strength, not only to send out an optimistic message, but also to shed some sun where light usually doesn’t hit.

Amanda Alves, a 2013 graduate with a B.F.A in Studio Art, was asked back to paint a beautiful mural. She sketched the painting the night before and worked on it the next day for twelve hours.

Painting is something Alves has a passion for, and painting for a cause meant so much more.

“If people see a little bit more color it will bring a positive attitude to a grey mindset,” Alves said.

She also said there were some negative reactions, however, once they informed individuals that they had a permit and permission from the mayor, attitudes quickly changed.

Every member and painting will be making an impact for countless people.

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