School of General Studies holds Advisement Week

By Elizabeth Bracey


Advisement Week kicked off this past week for the first time on Oct. 7 in the Center for Academic Success building. The Kickoff Event was sponsored by the School of General Studies and took place between 11:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. The event featured the various colleges, schools, departments and programs at Kean as well as groups, organizations and clubs associated with the different programs and student representatives within the programs.

All freshman students were required to attend to meet and connect with their assigned advisors. The students also learned the registration process and how to use KeanWISE. As soon as students walked in, there was a general information table on the first floor. Students were able to get help with finding their selected departments. After finding their tables, students were helped by the general education staff to meet their advisors and set up an appointment to create their schedules for the spring semester.

“This event was posted on the Kean University Facebook page as well as the Cougars Byte,” said Gwen Beloti, in charge of the Transition to Kean program. “All of the students did appreciate it because a lot of them did not know who their adviser was”.

All freshmen were required to pick up the advisement form, which had to be signed by their advisor once they had been advised.

On the first floor, computers were available for students to look-up their advisors via KeanWISE with General Education Mentors’ assistance. Advisement Week was also a great opportunity for the large undecided population to talk with some of the various program representatives.

“Advisement week was very helpful because I was a undecided major and now I am interested in two possible majors,” said Kiana Green-Taylor, freshman.

All freshmen enrolled in GE 1000, Transition to Kean, were required to participate in Advisement Week in order to receive attendance credit during Freshman Advisement Week. Students were instructed to complete and hand in the advisement form that they picked up at the Kickoff Event, signed and dated by their advisor, to their instructor for credit.

On the first floor of the Center of Academic Success there was a display table of prizes students could win at the event. Students were able to win Barnes and Nobles items, electronics, raffle giveaways and more. CAS was packed with many students ready to take on their first semester.

“Advisement Week was very informative, and it helped me a lot,” said freshman Emily Cubilete, “especially for those students who are planning on changing their major, it gives us a pathway to understand what we have to do.”

Since this is the first year Advisement week is in full effect some students wish it was here sooner.

“I wish Kean University had an event like this my freshman year,” senior Kunle Olydeun said.

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