The Walking Dead: More than just zombies

By Sonia Aquije

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 poster Photo Credit:

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 poster
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“The Walking Dead” returned for Season 4 on AMC Oct. 13 with the highest viewership in the show’s history. According to a press release by AMC, it was viewed by 16.1 million viewers breaking its own record.

The first two episodes of the season, “30 days without an accident” and “infected” showcased the psychological effects the survivors are dealing with in trying to survive and attempting to adapt to their world now living within the prison with more people.

Angelica Renteria, a sophomore communications major expects this season to show a different side of the group’s lives other than killing zombies.

“I expect this season to be more gruesome,” said Renteria. “It’s going to be more heart touching and personal on an emotional level.”

The loss of family and lovers in the last episode “infected” made the emotional aspect of death more real for the survivors and viewers alike. The threat is within the prison not the undead lurking outside the fence.

“When the little girl’s dad got bitten and knowing he was going to die was so heartbreaking to watch, said Renteria.

Forming a stronger community bond with the new characters is important in this season.

Nekeder Ferguson, a junior psychology major expects more drama and more people coming together.

“The new characters bring more drama to the story line,” said Ferguson. “I’m liking how the survivors are coming together to defend their selves as a whole but not the fact that people are being lost in every new episode.”

The show’s ability to enthrall audiences is ever-evolving.

“The Walking Dead” keeps you at the edge of your seat,” said Ferguson. “I like the fact that it’s ‘not based on the walkers, but on people and how defending our friends and family is important.”

Some watch for the experience.

“I watch for the thrill; not knowing what to expect gets me on my toes wanting more with excitement to see the next episode, said Renteria. “Besides the rush, it gives me insight to what it’d be like if it did occur it may not be precise but it gives me insight.”

“The Walking Dead” can be watched Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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