Tickets for George Lopez event split between full-time and part-time students

By:  Keanu Austin


Half of the tickets to the Sept. 30 George Lopez event, sponsored by Kean’s Student Organization and Graduate and Part-time Student Council, were held for full-time undergraduates, while the other half was held for graduate and part-time undergraduates.

The Student Organization of Kean University represents the full-time undergraduate student population, and the Graduate and Part-time Student Council represents the graduate and part-time undergraduate student population.

This method of handling tickets for select events at Wilkins Theatre was done in the interest of fairness, according to Rusty Flores, manager of the box office at Wilkins Theatre.

“It’s done this way to give everyone a fair shot at getting tickets,” Flores said. Full-time students usually have a better opportunity to buy tickets since they are on campus more often than graduate and part-time students, according to Flores.

Alexa Cantres, the managing assistant director of Student Organization, added that this method has been used at Kean for more than three years now and is also utilized to avoid confusion at the box office.

However, some still met with confusion at the box office when attempting to purchase a ticket. Allison Goettsch, an undergraduate, visited the box office and was told to return at a later date because the tickets remaining were being held for graduates, part-time students and faculty.

“Of course, I went back on Monday and there were signs at the box office that said that the show was completely sold out,” said Goettsch, whose experience led her to believe that there was a deadline to purchase undergraduate tickets.

In a later email, Cantres explained that though the tickets were split between full-time students and graduate and part-time students, the tickets were not sold at different times and the undergraduate tickets just happened to sell out first.

Two tickets were available to students with a valid Kean identification card for $10 each. Tickets left over by Sept. 23 were available to faculty, staff and alumni for $15 and to the public for $25.

A Facebook user utilized the social networking service to attempt to sell two tickets to the event for $45 each. Cantres stated that she disapproved of such actions when asked for comment.

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