Men’s soccer team fighting for a playoff spot

The Men's soccer team vs. Ramapo Photo Credit: Mak Ojutiku

The Men’s soccer team vs. Ramapo
Photo Credit: Mak Ojutiku

By Gerald Lima

After a losing record of 9-11 last year, the Men’s soccer team was determined to come back stronger this season.

Head Coach Tony Ochrimenko, who is a five time coach of the year, is looking to improve this season. However, he believes the team’s season could be slipping away.

The Cougars are looking at a record of 8-5 more than halfway through the season which means that making the playoffs unlikely.

“We are playing well throughout, but just seem to get unlucky,” Ochrimenko said. “Hopefully we get smiled on, we know we can do it.”

Dominick DeLello, the teams captain and a big asset to the team, started the season with five goals, but unfortunately suffered an injury in one of the team’s recent games.

“I hurt my foot during one of the games, but when I got it checked out I was told it was dislocated,” DeLello said. “I’m out until the last game of the season. After a good start, we have hit a bump in the road and we are working hard as a team to win the rest of our games.”

According to Ochrimenko, no player on the team has missed a practice, and have been dedicating themselves throughout the entire season.

“They are good students and hard playing group,” Ochrimenko said. “The chemistry is there, we have what it takes, and with a team of mostly freshmen, we need to find a way for them to get more involved. We will take care of the playoffs, and we have to find a way.”

The team was excited to hear the final whistle blow at the end of the game October 9 against John Jay College.

The Cougars started off the game strong by attacking and putting pressure on the Bloodhounds.

Throughout the game, Captain Stephen Moll showed leadership making sure the team didn’t lose focus. In the first half both teams were attacking, and ball possession was about 50/50.

However, the second half was a different story. Everything was going the Cougars’ way, and the Bloodhounds’ energy was minimized because of the style of play by Kean.

Four minutes into the game they were rewarded with a penalty kick, which was eventually scored by Gordon Lyng. Three more goals followed in the 2nd half by John Corrales (51’), Stephen Moll (Pen. 60’), and Jonathan German (65’).

The Cougars’ tough road ahead consists of only six games after defeating John Jay College by a score of 4-0, and they’ve pushed their record to 9-5 on the season.

Steven Osores, a freshman academically and to the team, is still very confident that the Cougars have a fighting chance at a playoff appearance, especially after their win.

“I think it’s a positive win for us,” Osores said. “I think it helps boost our confidence.”


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