Kean students save for Halloween

Zombie makeup for the Zombie Walk 2012 Photo Credit:

Zombie makeup for the Zombie Walk 2012
Photo Credit:

By Brigit Bauma

It’s that time of year where ghosts, goblins, and ghouls come out to play. Usually in pint-sized form and carrying bags around in their hands, they come up to your door, give it a knock, and yell, “trick-or-treat!”

Yes, it is Halloween time. And those little monsters are actually children in disguise, knocking on neighborhood front doors for delicious candy and treats.

For this Halloween, you won’t be seeing many Kean students running about, asking for candy door to door. Instead, it seems Kean students will be celebrating Halloween with parties, without hurting their wallets.

“I don’t have to buy a $60 costume,” said Tyler Boscia, a Kean junior and business major.

Kean students, Boscia and Stacy Desgranges, a sophomore biology major on the physicians assistant track, will both be going to a party for Halloween. They each offered up some tips on the ways that they will be saving money this Halloween season.

“I’m saving money by making a homemade costume,” said Boscia. “I think I’m going as an element, like from the periodic table, probably aluminum, or blackmail. I’d use clothes I already have and aluminum foil or an envelop.”

Although Desgranges hasn’t decided on her Halloween costume, she does know how she will be saving money.

“I will be saving money by not buying the whole gear. And I have the shoes already,” said Desgranges.

It is a lot easier on yourself and your wallet to make your own costumes. Like Boscia and Desgranges, using clothes and accessories you already have would make a great Halloween costume.

Popular and easy do-it-yourself costumes include nerd, lumberjack, doll, and zombie. A nerd costumes just needs a button up shirt, a bow-tie, glasses, and overalls. It is easy to turn the nerd costume into a lumberjack by reusing the overalls, wearing a plaid button up, and a carrying around an ax.

To be a doll and zombie, makeup needs to be easily accessible. Hopefully you know someone who has the resources available, mostly eyeliner and eyeshadow. There are great tutorials on how to do doll and zombie makeup on YouTube. Also, fake blood can be made with common household items, usually corn syrup and red dye.

Once the makeup is finished, complete the look by wearing a cute dress for a doll or old, ripped clothing for a zombie. If you’re feeling extra creative combine the two to create a zombie doll.

However, not all Kean students are going to parties this Halloween. Akeem Miller, a sophomore political science major, does not celebrate the holiday. Lauren Foley, a sophomore photography major, won’t be taking part in Halloween festivities this year either.

“I feel like I’m too old to celebrate Halloween,” said Foley.

However, that doesn’t stop her from saving money during this Halloween season.

“If you want to get a lot of candy and save money, go to stores after Halloween,” Foley suggests.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, be sure to be creative, while still staying money conscious.

Have a happy and safe October 31!

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