Cheap and trendy holiday gifts

It's never too early for Christmas shopping Photo Credit:

It’s never too early for Christmas shopping
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By Shelsie Ducheine

Halloween has come and gone and with that comes a slew of holidays that many look forward to.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner but the most advertised holiday, Christmas, is just less than two months away. Around this time, products are high in demand and things can get pretty expensive. Unless of course, you are equipped with some pocket friendly tips to help you find the perfect gifts for the holidays.

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot drink, especially around these times when the temperature seems to drop immensely day by day? That is why a gift card to a coffee shop of your or their choice can be just the gift your loved one may need. Many claim that gift cards aren’t creative presents, but coffee lovers may find a $20 gift card useful. It also gives them a couple weeks of relief from spending as much as $3 on a cup of coffee every day.

As well as drinks, one thing that most holidays cannot go without is food. Home baked goods, especially, are a treat that not many can resist. Cookies, cakes or even pies straight from the oven can satisfy a sweet tooth and bring even the grumpiest some holiday cheer.

There are certain gifts that have been deemed cliché throughout the years and are what people fear seeing the most when opening up their presents. Many of these gifts, however, can be re-invented into something great. One of these reinventions can be done with a pair of warm and fuzzy socks. Again with the weather change, many want to keep every part of their body protected from the harsh winds and may need some socks full of character to walk around on those cold hardwood floors with.

Socks aren’t the only thing that can protect your body from the crucial weather. Hot showers or long baths with the proper products can be essential after a cold, long day. That is why a basket of toiletries such as different lotions and body washes, can serve as a great gift.

Lastly, what event is complete without a bottle of wine? Of course, there are some brands that can be quite expensive but there are many bottles of wine that will not dent your bank accounts and still give off the fancy look you want to portray.

Holidays are rarely about the amount of money one spends or gifts at all. Most are centered around enjoying the time you have with your friends and family, but a small gift to show your appreciation can’t hurt.


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