BOB Throws a Memorable Performance at Kean University

By: Jasmine Leach

Throughout the years Kean has welcomed numerous celebrities to entertain its students. Some of these celebrities include John Legend, who sings “Green Light,” America Ferrera of “Ugly Betty,” George Lopez from “The George Lopez Show,” and now well-known and respected Hip Hop artist BOB.BOB has collaborated with artists such as Bruno Mars, on the song “Beautiful Girls,” and Hayley Williams from Paramore, on the song “Airplanes.” His music has been featured on the television show soundtracks of BET’s “The Game” and MTV’s “The Hills.”On Thursday Oct. 17, BOB threw his first concert at Kean University’s Wilkins Theatre. Just about every student that is a huge Hip Hop fan, or who just enjoy exploring new genres of music, were gossiping about the show. They were even giving tickets away to their friends. Stephanie Faser, Director of the Student Government office at Kean, helped in setting up for the concert and explained the size of the audience at the BOB concert.

“Almost a full house, 700 + tickets sold,” said Faser.Tickets were soaring sky high for the BOB concert due not only to the fact that he is such a huge artist in the music industry, but also because the prices were extremely reasonable at only $5 for students, compared to all the money people can spend while watching a performance outside of college. Kean student Akeem Miller attended the BOB concert and explained the normal prices of concert tickets at an arena.“…Concerts outside from Kean could range anywhere from $30-$1,000 depending on the venue and the artist stardom,” said Miller. “For a BOB concert outside of school, in my personal opinion, I would say tickets could range around $50-$100 per person.”
“I definitely think students received more than what their money was worth,” said Miller.

Other students around campus agree with Miller’s statement about the overall concert, even people who are just now getting to know the artist enjoyed themselves. Some students around campus mentioned that they enjoyed the fact that BOB put a lot of energy and work into his show. Miller, who is new to seeing this artist perform, explained his favorite experiences and they involved great seating and listening to both the classic and new music.

“What I enjoyed the most about the concert was that everyone was allowed to sit where ever they pleased,” Miller said.

In addition to being able to choose comfortable areas to sit, Miller also had a great view of BOB.

“I didn’t get a chance to meet the artist, but I was able to see him up close,” said Miller.

Many people have a hard time getting front row seats at a concert, but Miller along with others did not. BOB performed many songs that had people singing and dancing.

“…He performed all of his hit singles including, “Airplanes,” “Nothing on You,” “Strange Clouds,” “Bet I Bust,” and “Outta of my Mind,” said Miller.

If you missed out on the BOB concert and would like to attend future ones at Kean, there are always posters throughout the different buildings on campus promoting new shows, in addition you can also go on the school website. The next concert will be “World Blues” featuring Taj Mahal and Deva Mahal with Fredricks Brown on Nov. 10, for more information you can also visit the website:

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