Lewie 2 Stacks drops “Power Play”

By: Shelsie Ducheine

There are not too many people these days who are motivated enough to build a name for themselves from the ground up. At just 20 years old, with a child to take care of and going to school, Jaryd Lewis, aka Lewie 2 Stacks, is doing just that. After spending much time struggling with the right sound he wished to portray for his debut, Trenton’s very own rap artist finally released his first mixtape entitled “Power Play.”

While finishing his mixtape, “CoKean,” late last year, Lewis wasn’t quite satisfied with the final product. The reason was that it displayed an image and sound he did not want others to see and hear when it is their first time listening to his work.

To him, the “CoKean” displayed today’s modern type of rap and he was more interested in capturing the true essence of Hip-Hop.

“I didn’t want my very first mixtape to come off on that type of vibe,” Lewis said. “Before anything, I want people to know that this dude can rap.”

Make no mistake, Lewis has every intention on releasing “CoKean,” and “Power Play” justifies as a prelude to the bigger project. It is extremely hard for a local rapper with little to no direct connection to the music industry, but those factors do not seem as if they will slow Lewis down.

While views and downloads on DatPiff.com, a website where fans can download mixtapes, YouTube and SoundCloud are racking up; “Power Play” is rapidly drawing in attention. Even though the rapper wants people to enjoy his work, his main concern is that people give him a chance.

“There’s always gonna’ be people out there who don’t like it and there’s gonna’ be a lot more people out there that don’t even listen,” Lewis said. “So if anything, I’d rather you listen and not like it than to not listen at all.”

One song that is sure to grab listener’s attention is “The Interlude,” a personal favorite of Lewis. It is an emotional track that plays as the opening to an even more heart wrenching record titled “Everdene.” “The Interlude” displays Lewis’ poetic capabilities and the vocal skills of another Trenton local artist.

“I like all the songs, but every time I hear that song, it’s like I’m listening to it for the first time,” Lewis said. “That’s why I like it. That’s why it stands out more than all the others.”
No doubt, Lewie 2 Stacks stands out on his own and plans to get closer and closer to his dreams. When asked what exactly his dreams were he responded with “Take over the world,” and sure enough the world will soon get hip to his talents and his dreams.

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