“The Roar” hits center stage on Kean radio 90.3 FM

By Dan Canova

No, it’s not Mike & Mike in the Morning, or Stephen A. Smith & Ryan Ruocco from ESPN New York in the late afternoon. And it’s certainly no Boomer & Carton or Mike Francesa from WFAN.

It’s better. It’s Kean radio sports talk.

Seniors, Ryan Gaydos and Mike Jago started their own weekly radio show, “The Roar,” which streams live every Tuesday at 2 p.m. on Kean Radio 90.3 FM. The duo discusses a variety of sports topics, including NFL football, predictions of the upcoming NBA season, and of course, the dissection of Kean University athletics.

“I wanted to get my foot into the door in another field,” Gaydos said in an interview last week. “As a sports journalist, there isn’t many jobs out there just for writing, so it’s important to have another opening. I already do the internet broadcasts for Kean athletics, so I figured the radio show would be another good thing to do.”

Co-host, Mike Jago was approached by Gaydos when the decision was made earlier this month to start the show, and Jago felt like the opportunity was impossible to pass up.

“I love the radio station,” Jago said. “It’s full of really great people and it is truly a joy going out there and being able to talk about something that I love to talk about.”

Mike Jago is a Communication/Journalism major in his final semester at Kean. Jago plans on working for one of the major sports networks later on in his career because he feels that should be the goal of any up and coming sports journalist.

“I just want to be someone that people like to read,” Jago said. “I enjoy talking to people so I want to have conversations with them that they will remember. Radio gives me a chance to do that because people listen, and will have their own opinions about what I’m saying. Overall, I just want to do the best I can, and wherever that takes me, I’ll be happy.”

Ryan Gaydos is also a Communication/Journalism major in his final year at Kean. Gaydos’ dream job is to write about baseball for a major publication or newspaper, and become a top sports radio personality. The ultimate goal for him is to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame for his writing and reporting.

“I really just want travel the United States and watch baseball,” Gaydos said. “If people read my writing and listen to what I have to say, it’s just an added bonus. If I know I give it my all, there is no telling where my dreams might take me.”

“The Roar” is live every Tuesday at 2 p.m. on Kean Radio 90.3 FM for the 2013 fall semester.

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