The modern day relationship

Beta Kappa Psi, Nu Delta Pi, and Nu Sigma Tau Photo Credit: Gillian Findley

Beta Kappa Psi, Nu Delta Pi, and Nu Sigma Tau
Photo Credit: Gillian Findley

By: Gillian Findley

Ever wondered what people’s opinion of a modern relationship is?

Better than reality television, said students of Kean University hosting an event about modern relationships on campus Monday, Oct. 21.

A variety of students arrived in small and large groups to room 315A in the University Center.. Hip-hop music and a comfortable vibe welcomed the large audience. Conversation broke out instantly, and within minutes the highly talked about program started.

Two fraternities, Beta Kappa Psi and Nu Delta Pi and one sorority, Nu Sigma Tau, began the night with a PowerPoint presentation. Displayed were open ended questions, funny pictures, and a video from YouTube.

The fraternities and sorority opened the floor to the audience with questions of “What is a relationship?” and “How important is public displays of affection?” The event allowed students to answer and explain themselves in full detail.

“Make-up sex is like a handshake after a bad argument” was one of the topics discussed in Beta Kappa Psi, Nu Delta Pi, and Nu Sigma Tau’s event. Others focused on issues like social media and relationships, or being a flirt while in a relationship, “The Break-Up” and communication with “The Ex.”

The specific subjects the fraternities and sorority chose to converse were controversial matters. Students had different opinions, which made conversation colorful.

Comments from the audience were echoed with people agreeing and nodding. The topic of PDA ran a little longer than the rest. A representative from the sorority Nu Sigma Tau said to keep it classy when it comes to PDA. Males and females in the audience stuck on one another’s side, though many topics ended with agreement.

The fraternities and sorority used humor to keep the ‘relaxed’ vibe and when stimulating issues were addressed, separate dialogues sided in corners of the room.

Deeper into the event, the more intense and personal the topics became. The classroom became more filled within the hour.

Students reacted to the intensity well. Without faculty, students were able to express themselves without a filter. Students commented on each question, and did not bite their tongues in responding. They came ready to speak and everyone respected everyone’s opinion.

After 8:30 p.m., the fraternity and sorority left the floor completely open. The audience reacted with flamboyant insights and opinions. True colors were exposed and much appreciated.

“I think we had an awesome turn out, definitely more people than I expected,” said junior Bria Marshall, a member of N Sigma Tau and English major. “It was great hearing all the different views and thoughts about relationships. We even went over then time limit of the room! It was also nice to be able to get three different organizations together to plan this event.”

“It was nice to see brothers and sisters from other organizations coming out to support us,” said Nicole Azgirey, a junior and member of Nu Sigma Tau majoring in psychology. “When the event was over, everyone was saying how much they enjoyed it. I hope we can do something like that again soon.”


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