Top Kean official leaves after plagiarism accusation

By Mike Jago

A top official from Kean has left the school in light of a probe accusing her of plagiarizing.

According to an report, Katerina Andriotis, Kean’s associate vice president of academic affairs, is accused of copying close to nine pages, as part of a 15-page enrollment management report, from two documents found from the University of Tennessee and The Center for the Study of College Student Retention.

James Castiglione, the head of the Kean Federation of Teachers, filed the complaint to Dawood Farahi on Wednesday, Nov. 13, and according to Castiglione, Andriotis’ employment with the university ended the next day.

In an e-mail sent to The Tower from Castiglione, Adriotis’ report was fabricated in more ways than one. He states that the paragraph at the bottom of page one in her report came from this report.

Additionally, according to Castiglione, the bulk of the report, starting with “Key Performance Indicators” on page five comes “nearly verbatim from this document.”

The Tower has acquired both a copy of Adriotis’ report, as well as the complaint filed by Castiglione to Farahi which can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

The campus, which is no stranger to controversy, must now deal with added credibility issues, many which were present during the Farahi controversies present during the spring semester of last year.

Adriotis’ report filed to the university can be viewed here, while Castiglione’s complaint to Farahi can be viewed here.

Additionally, the e-mails Adriotis sent to colleagues discussing the report can be viewed here. The e-mails state that “President Farahi approved the Enrollment Management Committee recommendations.” The report was attached to the e-mails for all recipients to view.



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