Electives for thought

By Jennifer Deligne

We all go through it whether we’re freshman or seniors, filling up the gap in our schedules with electives. For some this can be the best part of having choices in college. Some students will take up a new language while others choose to spend a credit relaxing in a yoga class.

For some, electives are the only choices they’ll have for a full semester after finishing up major requirements. Luckily, Kean carries a variety of options that go within your interest or outside of the box if you’re feeling open minded.

Brought to Kean in spring 2013, the Music Therapy course may be of interest to students in the music department, psychology department, or for those who just wish to get some insight on how music therapy works.

The description under the course in Keanwise reads, “Overview of the music therapy profession and the clinical work of music-based treatments for a wide variety of diagnoses in children and adults.”

This course can benefit students from several branches of education while filling up their elective requirements simultaneously.

Are you a little shy and need help in becoming more outgoing? Try the Acting 1 course in the theatre department! Students do individual and partnered scene work which gives way to a fun and educational course amongst your more tedious, serious courses.

If you’re feeling somewhat romantic or pensive lately, maybe it’s a sign you should start jotting your thoughts down on paper. In the English department, courses such as writing non-fiction, advanced writing poetry, and creative writing courses can help already established writers and the novices that are searching for a new hobby.

Other classes such as yoga, American Sign Language, and Shakespeare survey classes are all made for students to enjoy and at the same time possibly learn something new about themselves.

Always remember to look under all sections while searching for electives and you could possibly make this your freest semester yet!

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