UC Game Room offers sanctuary for students

By: Gerald Lima

One of the most exciting things to do at Kean is to go to the game room located in the University Center.

Whether its students just hanging out with friends or students just relaxing between classes, this place is always filled. The game room features pool tables, Ping-Pong tables, video games, couches, and tables to do your homework.

The game room also has televisions all around and gives the students the opportunity to watch their favorite shows, sports, and news. Students are free to come here and just watch what they please.

The game room isn’t just a place to have fun but it releases stress as well. It clears your mind in the meantime from everything else you have going on in your life.

Jamie Corea, a Kean University Junior, enjoys the game room a lot since he always has a busy schedule because of the two jobs he is working.

“I like coming here Wednesday’s because I get the chance to play video games,” Corea said. “I usually have work Wednesdays after school so I come here to relax and be worried free before I have to deal with the everything else.”

With the fall semester almost finished, we all know that final exams are just around the corner. Students start panicking about what to study, papers to hand in, and if they have enough time to get everything done. Even though you have so much to do, take some time to enjoy the game room and just have time for yourself.

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