Kean University presents Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” at the Wilkins Theatre

By: Jasmine Leach

Kean University presents Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” at the Wilkins Theatre.

William Shakespeare’s plays tend to deal with tragic romances such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “Othello” and they even have some aspects of fantasy, such as “A Midnight Summer’s Dream.” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Othello” and “A Midnight Summer’s Dream” are some of the most popular plays that are performed in theaters throughout the world, and now Kean decided to adapt one of Shakespeare’s most moving stories, “Macbeth.”

On Nov 15, Kean premiered “Macbeth,” a play that incorporates action, drama, violence, and romance at Wilkins Theatre.

Angelica Prendez is a student at Kean University who read Shakespeare in her last year of high school. One of the stories that she read was “Macbeth” and she provided her analysis of it.

“Well I feel like he was a coward. He had no back bone,” said Prendez. “He let his wife pretty much destroy him. His greed and ambition got the best of him and destroyed him.”
Ernest Wiggins is the director of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” play at Kean. While being a young college student, he began to read Shakespeare’s work along with others, which influenced him to direct a classical play.

“I discovered the sonnets when I was a freshman in college. Then I began to read as many plays as I could, such as the “Merchant of Venice,” which I love,” said Wiggins.

“Two Gentleman of Verona” and “Hamlet, although it’s not a Shakespeare play, Tom Stoppard’s “Rosencrantz and Guildenstem are Dead” was also an early favorite.”
Not only did he decide to direct “Macbeth” due to his respect for Shakespeare’s work, the students had a huge impact as well. He wanted to give students the opportunity to push themselves to go beyond their own limits.

“The students, they need a challenge with all that talent bound up inside of them,” said Wiggins. “Also, William Shakespeare because he tells it like it was and still is. Finally, the beauty of how Shakespeare uses language. He forces all of us to learn how to listen all over again. That’s hard work and that requires thinking and to think you’re forced to go to another level of being alive.”

There are many students involved in this performance of “Macbeth.” Unlike “The Beautiful Dark,” which included a combination of students and professionals, this one is strictly students that are into the arts.

“I’d say more than a 100, It’s a big one,” said Wiggins.

This play also has many of the original elements from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” These elements include action and drama.

“It’s an exciting play there are sword fights, conflicts, love, passion, and betrayal,” said Wiggins.

Wiggins explained the reactions that he hopes each audience member will have from watching the show. Although each person has to develop their own thoughts about the play, he wants each audience member to walk away being more open minded to this old fashioned writer.

“Hopefully, they will walk away with a deeper understanding and admiration for this writer called Shakespeare,” said Wiggins.

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