Valentine’s Day, what’s your pick?

Kean University Photo Credit: Gillian Findley

Kean University
Photo Credit: Gillian Findley

By Gillian Findley

For the last couple of years, Kean University has had Valentine’s Day colors dominate the campus. Pretty embellishments covered the walls and the land of the college. Students in organizations wore pink t-shirts and baked appealing cupcakes, delicious brownies, and ‘hot out the oven’ cookies.

For years, students at the college did not hide the facts of the physical and sexual activity that takes place after the candlelit dinners and gifts exchange.

“I think Kean does a great job with supporting Valentine’s Day,” Says Daneila Blake, a senior majoring in Public Admissions.

“I like and support the idea of condoms being handed out in the University Center. The organization that does that are super friendly and encourage people to take more than one,” Gabriel Martin, a junior, majoring in Criminal Justice says.. “I support safe sex and I am happy that Kean U. does the same.”

Places around America are equipped with freshly picked flowers, sweet engaging chocolates, and cards that say the right thing. Ornaments in shades of pink and red decorations drape in and out of stores worldwide. Lights flicker, doors chime upon entrance, and customers leave shelves empty, as the day of love quickly approaches.

“Stores make it easy for me to shop for a lady on Valentine’s Day,” senior Christopher Phillips, majoring in Public Relations says. “I can actually go on the 14th and pick up whatever.”

“I love Valentine’s Day. I appreciate having a day, once a year, to solely appreciate your significant other,” Says Blake. “But I can play two sides of the fence. Women love receiving gifts and thoughtful cards, but what about men? Do women give as much as men do?”

Difficulties prevail when ideas of gifts and romantic events become limited.

“It’s hard for guys because of what we already did the last couple of years for our girlfriends,” Martin says.

Martin articulates that roses, chocolates, and cards have become the typical gifts for Valentine’s Day. He admits that these particular gifts are becoming the norm, more so cliché.

“My girl tells me it’s a waste of money to buy things that are obviously overpriced. It’s more so ‘been there, done that,’” Martin says.

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