As Snowy winter drags on, students struggle to cope

By Elizabeth Bracey

Since the start of the semester there has been a record breaking four snowstorms in the state of New Jersey. The snow reaching a high up to 11 inches has caused the Kean University community to postpone classes. Many students, adjuncts and professors have been behind with their workloads for class.

After returning to class from two snowstorms this week Public Relations professor Joanne Fischetti started off by saying “Wow, how long have I not seen you guys?”

While Kean professors try to catch up on workloads, senior Gillian Findley doesn’t mind the snow days at all.

“I honestly like snow days because of the cancellations of school and work, said Findley. “I get to catch up on my sleep and school work. There’s a slight confusion when it comes to classes because some of us only have a class once or twice. There should be a concern with the semester load when the snow is gone. Because I’m sure we, the students, wouldn’t want another rush at the end of the semester like post-Hurricane Sandy.”

Not only has the snow delayed classes but school activities as well. The annual Pan African Student Union “Black love Affair” has been postponed until next week with a long with many other events. On campus residents are not too happy either. Students who live on campus were reported to move their car from Vaughn-Eames parking lot to the Liberty Hall science center parking lot as well.

Kean University is now running a full days schedule starting Tuesday so hopefully everyone will be catch up with their classes.

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